3. tokyo-camera-style:

    Totem Pole Photo Gallery, Shinjuku

    Hasselblad SWC

    Photographer: Arimoto Shinya  website / flickr / tppg on tumblr

    Arimoto recently got a new passport and for fun put an extra copy of his passport photo in the film reminder window on the back of his camera.

    Awesome :)


  4. saintempire:

    Queen in the north.



  6. Colosseo by ALEX S.F.C. on Flickr.


  7. Aqua by Daniele Bugamelli on Flickr.


  8. Bearreraig Bay

    (Source: flickr.com)



  10. Cairo, IL by moominsean on Flickr.



  12. Goldfinger by Wide Imaging on Flickr.


  13. 56640004 by samer.0101 on Flickr.


  14. Lake Kawaguchiko at night (HASSELBLAD SWC) by potopoto53age on Flickr.

    Considered “most interesting photo” from the Hasselblad SWC group!


  15. Another beauty!

    Taken from an eBay sale